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August, 2013
  • O’Hares Creek – First Descent!
  • Flatwater Paddles in July
  • Wingecarribee
  • Annual Reports
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August, 2013

Nepean River – Douglas Park to Menangle
You Can't Be Too Careful!
Sydney Boat Show
Grants for Training of Club Guides

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July, 2013

Wedding Bells On The Herbert
Some great videos (News and Gossip)
The Committee Meets!
Dunny’s Joke of the Month
New Poetry Section
Flatwater Dreaming

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June, 2013

‘Presidential Notes’ returns
The Barrington
Trip Leadership Guidelines
Bass Strait!

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May, 2013

Easter on the Manning
The Hawkesbury Classic
Mildwater Paddling

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April, 2013

David Barlow – Our President Does Not Speak
Editorial – An Apology
Bukerumbi trains the whitewater paddlers of the future
SMV in India

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March, 2013

David Barlow - Preventing BTing
George on the Barrington
Ocean Ski Racing Roundup

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February, 2013

David Page reflects on a whitewater injury
Cooks River and Botany Bay paddles
The passing of an old RCC member
Canoe polo

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December, 2012

Once a member, always a member…
Poetry - The Timing of Eels
Canoe Polo

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November, 2012

Very little humour
Safari Yarns
Safety and Training Discussion
Sea Kayaking Yarns

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October, 2012

PNSW Education Courses
Willow Whacking
Safety by Rimbaud
Paddler Profile - Dunnydoo

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September, 2012

Dunny’s Xmas in July Report!
For sale section
Paddler Profile – The Sea Shepherd!
Sea Kayaking
Canoe Polo takes off!

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