Join the Club - Coffee Run 21 October

Every month, experience club members join new members on a short but important trip.  The monthly coffee run is now an introductory pathway for new members joining the club.  New members are instructed in the foundational safety skills and provided with an insight to club activities.  Futher skills can be developed on the club training days in November.  

To quote a new member - "'I Joined the club last week and went on my first 'paddle' on Saturday. The actual joining was easy once I decided to, follow the links through to the NSW Paddle site and join up. We also didn't know anyone in the group before we joined and found the group through the classic google search. As for whether I'm happy I joined. Saturday was fantastic, it was beautiful weather, a great first paddle down to Brighton le Sands and everyone was very welcoming and friendly over coffee. We don't have our own kayak and there were no problems hiring one (even the double we needed as I have an 11 year old who also joined up). There was a full rage of abilities in the group that paddled on Saturday and we were by far the least experienced and fitness, but we were welcomed and accepted and both of us can't wait for our next paddle''.