Candles on the River

Mar 30 2019 - 18:00 to 20:30
Trip Leader/Contact: 
Patrick van Dyk

Each year the The Cooks River Valley Association celebrates Earth Hour with a community festival.  Lots of young kiddies make paper boats and put a tea candle in them at sunset before launching them into the water at Steel Park, Marrickville. It's a great sight with over 100 floating, lit boats. 

Of course we don't want the boats to end up as litter in our beautiful Cooks, so RCC volunteers control where the boats go for a while then scoop them up and dispose of them thoughtfully.  Lots of happy families and a handful of happy kayakers. 

If you'd like to be one of the happy kayakers, send me an email ASAP please.  You'll need to bring a headlamp and/or have lights affixed to your kayak and be comfortable paddling in the dark. You'll be paddling 1km from the clubhouse to Steel Park, plus going around in circles for about an hour, then returning.  All up about 3km.  You'll need to be at the clubhouse by 6:00pm but you must register prior by email    Limited places due to dark conditions.

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