River Canoe Club AGM - 18th July 2015

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What's On ...  The NSW River Canoe Club represents the broad church of kayaking interests. Over the last 80 years, the supportive environment of the community, has helped individual kayakers plan, achieve and exceed their goals.

18th July 2015 It's your club, so have your say. Committee positions available, grab this opportunity to develop your skills and make a contribution to your club.

Email Dee if attending
18th July 2015 - Let the day begin 
1pm Meet at clubhouse & safety briefing

1.30pm Depart Club House 
- paddle to the heart of Botany Bay. Afternoon kayaking in the middle of winter is always refreshing, exciting and sometimes wet. We will head down the Cooks River and out to the middle of the bay. We'll pace ourselves down AvGas Alley, dodge the container ships and oil tankers and enjoy all the hubble and bubble that is Botany Bay.

4.30 pm Return to Club House
Meet Hewie the Lamb - tonights star dinner guest

Paul Keating once said about John Hewson "I want to do him slowly". Hewie the lamb has volunteered to be our special dinner guest. He will be taking his place on the spit at 1.30 pm just as the paddlers are departing.

"I am really excited about being the guest of honour at dinner, although I am a bit nervous about the spit. Sometimes I think, oh I might get dizzy or I might fall off the pole, then I think, what the hell, what's the worst that can happen to me" 
4.30 pm - Sundowner Drinks and Beer - As the sun goes down, enjoy a post paddle drink on the President's deck overlooking the majestic Cooks River.
6 pm Dinner (actual meal may look different)

For a donation of just $10, we are offering one of the most sumptuous dinners ever seen on the banks of the Cooks River. Hewie the lamb will be the centrepiece and will be supported by dishes donated by club members.  
AGM - Basil Slaughter - Returning Officer

The role of the Returning Officer is one of the most important in the club.  They act as the custodians of the practices, procedures of our democratic values. Basil Slaughter, as the club's patron, holds the venerated role of Returning Officer. 
AGM - Formal Procedures

7 pm Opening of the Annual General Meeting by Club Returning Officer - Basil Slaughter

Annual Report by Committee members

Resignation of Committee
Election on 2015-16 Committee (see details of possible suspects below)
AGM - Trivia Competition
8.30pm - Trivia Rounds 1-4
9.15pm - Best of 2015 videos
9.45pm - Trivia Rounds 5-8
10.30pm - Formal proceedings end
Best of 2015 videos Here is an opportunity to show your best kayaking videos of the previous year.  Lets keep them to 5 minute max and on a USB. We should have time to watch 6 x 5 min videos.