Colo River Trip Report

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Date 13 Dec 2014
Bob Turner's Track and then 17 km below.
Level approx 1.38m
Participants: Deb C, Mark B, Andrew C
Report: Deb C.

It took 3¼ hours to walk down a 3½ km track. At first 2 of us carried our kayaks but towards the end there was a trail of coloured plastic left on the track from dragging them. Mark tried out a new trolley and kindly loaded it up with group items such as; water bottles, breakdown paddle, first aid kit and other gear. This trolley lost a few parts along the way so did not quite make it down in one piece.

The walk in was definitely the most difficult part of this trip and a helicopter ride, packraft or inflatable kayak should be considered as alternatives to walking in with kayaks.

Once we were at  the river we ate lunch and then set off for a 3½ hour paddle on a spectacular section of river.

This section only contained 3 small rapids but the water was flowing at a good  speed and Andrew measured us  at 7.6km/hr on one of the flatwater sections. We floated past pristine bushland in Wollemi National park and did not spot any willows !

On the way we met a lone bushwalker at Colo Meroo campsite but otherwise did not see anyone else all day. This was a beautiful section of the river with many sandy beaches, Hawkesbury sandstone cliffs and one platypus sighting.