Grade 2 - Medium

Rapids are straighforward with medium sized, regular waves. The path through the rapids can be clearly seen from the water and is often indicated by well-defined chutes of Vs of water. There are some obstacles that require manoeuvring around, but paddlers with a good command of basic strockes can easily miss them.

Jinglemoney Birthday Bash

Just a quick note to remind everyone that there is no club meeting Saturday 1st March; rather it will be the Jinglemoney celebration. Over Saturday and Sunday March 22nd and 23rd we’ll be camping at Jinglemoney.

Jinglemoney is where the Club was founded so it is a very special spot for many members, particularly Basil (you can read more about it in your Club history books which are now online at and NOW that Basil has cottoned onto why we are having this weekend, you all should know.  Its Basil's BIG Birthday Bash - no guesses at what age we might be celebrating, but let’s face it, I think we could all aspire to this ripe old age! So please make a special effort to camp with us this weekend to enjoy a big campfire and damper bake-off and, if we are favoured by the rain Gods, a paddle on Grade 1 - 2 with one or two grade 3 rapids - this section is great for novices.

Please let Lynn know a couple of weeks before as we are camping on private property on river left; contacting her at


Murrumbidgee Whitewater Weekend

Nov 23 2013

Instructor training and beginners weekend led by Ian Royds


Barrington River, NSW


Bellinger River, NSW



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