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October, 2018

Some great paddling opportunities ahead. 

December, 2017

Reflections on the WomDomNom

October, 2017

Spring into Action

Refelctions on the Colo Creek

September, 2017

Reflections on a Rescue

Upcoming activities

August, 2017

Post AGM Splash

Upcoming Trips

July, 2017

Annual reports from Committee members

June, 2017

Upcoing Trips

Paddling in Africa

April, 2017

Anzac Day - The end of Summer

Upcoming Trips

March, 2017

Club Memership

Coffee Runs

February, 2017

Beginnners Program

Upcoming Trips

January, 2017

Paddling to Wattamolla

Ucoming trips

December, 2016

Recues on the WomDomNom

Upcoming Trips