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Botany Bay Sea Kayak Training Day

Dec 7 2013

The 1st half of the day was spent in sheltered waters revising Sea Kayak Safety and Paddling Skills including assisted and self rescues and towing.


Lake Frome - the WHY of Expedition Adventure Racing - XPD 2013

Ex President of the RCC David Barlow reflects on Team Rubicon's adventure race across Lake Frome

How do you begin to describe an experience that is beyond description?  Words are a start but words can only paint a picture that at best conveys a pictorial sense to the reader.  Words are sterile until they are fertilised by the imagination of the person who reads.  On their own, words are one-dimensional; they lack the visceral nature of the experience, the sights, the sounds, the tastes, the touch and ultimately the mental turmoil that engulfs the few in the reality of their chosen adventure. 



Oct 19 2013

A few images from a week down south with about two dozen paddlers - Bermagui River, Wagonga Inlet, Corunna Lake, Wallaga Lake, Brogo Dam, Bega River.


Five Go to Old Balmain

By Gary Luke - Reprinted from Splash! October 2013

No, this is not the missing 22rd tale of Enid Blyton's famous five. Once upon a time a few weeks ago on the Sunday of the equinox we met at Rozelle Bay for a paddle to Rodd Point, to explore remnants of earlier periods of our industrial harbour around the Balmain peninsula - Dee, Miriam, Una (from Sutherland club), Tracy & Gary. Before the era of containers this part of the harbour was the transition between sea transport and rail & road, for produce & goods being distributed & manufactured within Sydney. Three of us not born in Sydney didn't know the tales of our harbour history.


Nymboida Canoe Centre May Close For Good!!

The power-station generated flows down the Goolang have been attracting white water canoeists from around world since the canoe centre was established in 1973. It has hosted state, Australian, and Commonwealth championships. But the permanent closure of the Nymboida power station may force the canoe centre to close.



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