Many club members will be aware of the role of Paddy Pallin in the formation of the club. However the early Australian conservationist Myles Dunphy OBE was also involved in the early days.

Paddy invited Myles Dunphy to the club's establishment meeting, but Myles had other commitments that evening. The invitation and reply are from the Myles Dunphy collection held by the State Library of NSW. The file also contains draft sketches for a club banner. The Library also holds the extensive collection of river maps like the two on the club wall and fastidiously detailed notebooks of Ted Phillips. The draft version of the club icon is from this collection. Tangerine and olive green were decided as the club's colours at the meeting in September 1935 when the initial club rules were adopted.

Correspondence between Paddy  Pallin and Myles Dunphy

Correspondence Paddy Pallin and Myles Dunphy

Sketches of Club Pennants

Early Sketches of River Canoe Club Logo