The Murrumbidgee 100 - Childowla to Gundagai

Jan 26 2019 (All day) to Jan 28 2019 (All day)
Trip Leader/Contact: 
Andy Singh

Celebrate Australia Day in dinky-di style.  This three day journey starts at Childowla (near Yass), then on to Jugiong, and finishes at Gundagai.  On river highlights include a) a fast moving river b) obstacles consistent with grade 1 -2 river c) cool mountain water on a hot summers day d) the junction of the Tumut and Murrumbidgee rivers.  Off river highlights include a) celebrating Australia Day in Jugiong (pop. 222 on Sundays) b) Breakfast at the Long Track Pantry c) camping by the river d) Post paddle brunch at the Paragon Cafe.

This is a three day 100 km trip - approximately 32 kms per day - paddled at a river height of 2 metres, we can expect to maintain speeds of 9kms/hr. We will be on the river, unsupported for two nights.  Long plastic sea kayaks or sleek canadian canoes only

Club members interested in joining me can submit an expression of interest via email before 20 January.  I am looking for a) at least four paddlers b) experienced long distance paddlers (WomDomNom at least) c) experienced in moving water d) demonstrated sense of adventure and fun.

This trip is dependent upon river levels staying above 2 metres across January.




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